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Picture of US Beef Short Plate (200grm)

US Beef Short Plate (200grm)

89.000 ₫
Picture of US Beef Top Blade (200grm)]

US Beef Top Blade (200grm)]

169.000 ₫
Picture of US Beef Striploin (200grm)

US Beef Striploin (200grm)

219.000 ₫
Picture of US Boneless Beef Short Rib (200grm)
Picture of Wagyu Beef Cube Roll (200grm)

Wagyu Beef Cube Roll (200grm)

369.000 ₫
Picture of Wagyu Beef Striploin 4/5 (200grm)

Wagyu Beef Striploin 4/5 (200grm)

599.000 ₫